Do Not Drive After Drinking

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Do not Drive after Drinking

The number of traffic accident which is caused by drunk drinking has increased in recent years. These accidents have broken up many happy families. The problem of drink-driving becomes more serious than ever before especially among young people. Please do not drive after drinking anymore because it is a very dangerous thing for both individual safety and public safety. It is obvious that drink-driving is very dangerous for individual safety of the driver and passenger. The higher concentration of alcohol in one blood, the higher likelihood the driver has of getting in an accident. If a driver is dead drunk, he/she cannot ensure their safety or the safety of others. According to the research (WHO, 2011), if people drinks too much then their ability of reaction to the outside world will fall. To be more specific, drink-driving may result in visual impairment or blindness. And driving requires very fast reactions but after drinking people’s reaction toward an accident often become slow. Their senses of touch often reduce too. After drinking, people’s psychological resistant to compression ability are bad, have the weak judgment ability. These factors may lead to the danger. In addition, drink-driving can seriously damage public property or other people’s safety. The first reason is that drunken drive always overestimated their driving ability. According to the survey (Xinhua net, 2011), 40% of the driver who had caused the accident were overestimated their driving ability when they are driving. The second important reason is that the drunk drivers lose their awareness of safety. So they were completely disregarding for others safety at that moment. But some people take a different attitude towards these problems. Some people insist that China has a lot of traditions during festivals. Drinking is an agelong tradition for Chinese people in festival so people must have drinks during the holidays. But it does...
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