Do Not Belive Everything Aired on Television

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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There is danger in believing everything that is aired on television. In fact, habitual and consistent watching of television broadcasts can and will negatively affect the individual’s psyche, belief, and moral standards. This is not to say, however, that one is not to believe anything he sees on television; or is it saying that there are no benefits or advantages of watching television. When a person allows himself to believe the whole lot on television, then he is basically just exposing himself to many potential dangers that can harm his perspective of and behavior in life. Many of today’s broadcasts—news, movies, documentaries, cartoons, reality shows—more often present acts of violence and profanity and unrealistic concepts of magic and fantasy to the viewers. Tragically, there are quite many nowadays who believe most of what they see on television, if not all. This is especially true of little children who are more likely to believe and imitate what they see in the cartoons and animated movies. There are a few cartoons indeed that can be educational and beneficial for children, but most cartoons now are quite secular and drastically unrealistic in their themes. When children start imitating certain characters (superheroes especially) from cartoons or movies, their mentality and behavior will considerably change and develop in accordance to that of their supposed “heroes.” The result, moreover, is not always pleasant. Little Bobby was a normal kid who was raised by moral parents who loved him and disciplined him well. This jolly little fellow enjoyed playing with his friends and family but favored watching violent Japanese anime and eventually became addicted to those animations. He even tried several violent acts on his two little brothers and on his school friends. As the years progressed, these cartoons or anime led to movies that reflected similar violent themes....
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