Do Not Ban Tobacco Advertising Proposal

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Do Not Ban Tobacco Advertising Proposal
Hanna Lee
Columbia College Chicago
Author Note

Introduction to Marketing, Marketing discussion - extra point essay


The cigarette manufacturers from advertising on media should not be banned because it is a violation of their first amendment right to freedom of speech and our liberties; the cigarette advertising regulation law was not effective on cigarette demands.

Key words: effect of cigarette advertising ban, tobacco advertising ban, freedom of speech

One fifth of death is caused by smoking but include our president Barack Obama, 43 million adults smoke cigarette and the rate is increasing gradually. The People of the States of California sued Reynolds Tobacco Company for advertise targeting teenagers in 1998 and estimately there are 125 similar suits across the country.

Since 1970 the tobacco advertising has been banned from television and radio in United States by the law. Recently, at least 12 news paper bans cigarette advertisement as well.
Advocating the cigarette advertisements towards minors and anti-smoking education should be on going. However, suppression of tobacco commercial is discrimination between other product commercial. The commercial speech and other speech are all same and should be free under the First Amendment if United States Constitution.

Today one third of American adults are obese and American documentary film, Super Size Me alerted the serious problem of fast food company McDonald's hamburger. If government regulated McDonald’s commercial because of obesity, it will be a embarrassment because consuming of McDonald's hamburger is depends on consumer.

Tobacco has a same character as a McDonald’s hamburger the legal good provided by the company. Banning commercial of tobacco cannot be a solution to reduce the health problem from smoking tobacco. The cigarette companies should be freed from media such as television commercial or radio.

Since 1988, the...
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