“Do Managers Need Emotional Intelligence to Manage Successfully in the Workplace? Why or Why Not? “

Topics: Management, Emotion, Emotional intelligence Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: May 21, 2013
“Do managers need emotional intelligence to manage successfully in the workplace? Why or why not? “

The ability to notice and manage emotional cues and information by managers have effectively defined and shaped workplace into a successful organisation since the inception in the focus on emotional management. Because the context of the workplace is influenced upon emotional feelings, it is fundamental for mangers to control employee’s behaviour by understanding that they too have an emotional component. Emotional intelligence is therefore a central notion within the perception of managers because it allows managers to focus on the four major aspects of management functions that emotional intelligence can assist with (George, 2000). This involves the development of a collective sense of goals and objectives, instilling an appreciation of the importance of work activities and behaviours, generating and maintaining moral in an organisation and encouraging flexibility in decision making by managers (George, 2000). As such, the development of emotional intelligence within the mindset of managers can produce effectual leadership style that serve as a construct for an emotionally healthy organisation.

It is recognisable that the utilisation of emotional intelligence can assist the functions of managers in their improvement of employee’s emotion in the workplace. As described in Zeidner, Matthews and Roberts (2004), Salovey & Mayer (1997: 5) defines emotional intelligence as the ability to understand emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth. Emotional intelligence can therefore assist with one of the key functions managers are responsible for, which is the “development of a collective sense of goals”, referring to the visions managers have set (George, 2000). Managers who are adept in emotional intelligence can effectively appraise employees’ emotion to which it influences employees to become supportive of leader’s goals and objectives. These...
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