Do Language Help Mould the Way We Think?

Topics: Thought, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Do language help mould the way we think? If we all spoke the same language, would we think in the same way? Discuss the issue using examples, details, and your personal experiences of English and your native language.

Language, due to its specific properties, is one aspect that makes human beings unique in comparison to other animals and species. Philosophers and linguists’ standard conceive the language as basically a means by which speakers convey the content of their thoughts to others. In other words, language is as the window open human’s soul. However, language seems to vary across different cultures and with different people. Different languages use distinctive phonemes, which are the smallest units of sound, as well as describe and name ideas and concepts differently. Consequently, some cognitive psychologists believe that language may influence thought processes. Because of changing unpredictable of human’s thinking in different cultures, it is so difficult to define effects of a particular language on a particular thought pattern. So, the theory that: “If we all spoke the same language, would we think in the same way?” cannot happen.

Language is the way of communication, while the human languages are a way of presenting the thought. It is controversial how the humans think – by figures (images) or by concepts (words). In general, it is clear that thinking happens via ideas and imagination, which are expressed by words, and organized in speech. Sciences claim that thinking and language are so related, that changes in languages can organize thoughts, ideas, imaginations and human actions. When language is used in the normal way, the speaker has a thought with certain content and chooses words such that on the basis of those words the hearer will be able to recognize that the speaker has a thought with that content.

The issue of whether or not language influences thought is tricky since more than one factor affects thought patterns....
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