Do International Labour Standards Help in Eliminating Poverty in Developing Countries?

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Do international labour standards help in eliminating poverty in developing countries?

Since 1919, the International Labour Organization has maintained and developed a system of international labour standards aimed at promoting opportunities for women and men to get decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity. In today's globalized economy, international labour standards are essential components in the international framework for ensuring that the growth of the global economy provides benefits to all. International labour standards are all about improving the work place for people all over the world. Development of working conditions had to be implemented in order for people to work in a safe, dignified and free work placement. Economic development is not undertaken for its own sake but to improve the lives of human being and this is where the international labour standards ensures that the rules and regulations remain focused on improving human life and dignity.

Achieving the goal of decent work in the globalized economy requires action at the international level. The world community is responding to this challenge in part by developing international legal instruments on trade, finance, environment, human rights and labour. The ILO contributes to this legal framework by elaborating and promoting international labour standards aimed at making sure that economic growth and development go along with the creation of decent work. The ILO's unique tripartite structure ensures that these standards are backed by governments, employers, and workers alike. International labour standards therefore lay down the basic minimum social standards agreed upon by all players in the global economy.

An international legal framework on social standards ensures a level playing field in the global economy. It helps governments and employers to avoid the temptation of lowering labour standards in the belief that this could give them...
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