Do High Levels of Trust Between Workers and Management Lead to Better Performance?

Topics: Management, Productivity, Leadership Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: May 12, 2011
Do high levels of trust between workers and management lead to better performance?

There is a direct link between a high or low level of trust between the workers and management within a corporation and the productivity growth. Corporation must be willing and prepared to make small but regular investments that are required, and there will be a high substantial return, both in material and a healthy labour management climate. There are mainly three concepts that describe the working climate within a firm or organization: the satisfaction the employees get form working, the general trust in the corporation and level of trust the average employee has in the chief executive. Managers must mold their employees, and by doing that they will achieve the goals that were set much more efficient and effective. There are two types of workers in a corporation: either they belong to theory X or to theory Y. Workers that belong to theory X are human beings that dislike the idea of working and would not mind avoiding it. That’s why managers have a harder time handling these workers, as they must be controlled, directed and constantly supervised. They have a low ambition level and they will avoid more responsibility at all causes. On the other hand, theory Y human beings enjoy working, and see it as an important element of life. They are imaginative and creative, and will direct and control themselves onto the right pathway. It is stated that “the single best way to learn how people feel about an organization is to ask them what they think about their boss” (Employee-Boss Relationships, 2007). A theory X worker is more likely to be unenthusiastic about the organization and their boss, while theory Y workers are more excited. People want to work for a corporation with good managers, and they will leave if there are bad managers. The most important factor in an employee-boss relationship is chemistry. In other words, the relationship is simply based on if people like each other...
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