Do Grades Really Matter

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Do Grades Really Matter?
Do Grades Really Matter? Yes grades does matter; if they didn’t we wouldn’t have half the technology we have now. Just look at Bill Gates, in the article it talks about how he dropped out of Harvard University. It doesn’t say he was an average student. It actually states have he sailed through high school with extremely good marks. In the article it says he dropped out of to start a business, it doesn’t state whether he was doing bad in University for all we know he just got bored in there. Now having this said in the article there are many example of people that were average in school and that are famous people now. This is because it means people like that “like to work outside the system” as stated in this article. The article proves this by giving several examples of how people that were average students in high school have succeeded. The cowie twins were average students in high school and now are getting mega-million-dollar real-estate deals for corporate Canada. Another prime example is George Bush was C student in high school and barely made it to Harvard, but the thing is he was really good at politics. There are many more examples that are given like this in the text. On the other hand it starts how the students that weren’t as bright, but that thought out of the box were the ones that were very successful in their lives. The quote that stated this best in the article “School is place where A students teach mostly B students to work for C students”. This proves that Sarah Scott believes that grades really don’t matter as long as they aren’t bad.
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