Do Footballers Deserve High Salaries

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Do Footballers Deserve High Salaries ?

Many people around the world think footballers are paid too much money for doing too little effort. However, this can be argued because they are people who have created their life around sport and therefore should be rewarded. So, do footballers deserve high salaries?

There are some famous footballers who are paid a crazy amount of money every year, millions, and they put it to no use. If you think about the third world people who would be so grateful for as little as 10 pounds a week to pay for all their requirements, including food, clothes and so on. But unlike footballers they people work until death to get something like 50p a day. Whereas the footballers run about and waste their money on 15 cars .A lot of money is needed for more important purposes: for example for the aid of starving people in the less developed countries or in the building of more hospitals for own health and security.

People argue that there are professions that provide far more for the population that of what footballers do, and in comparison are poorly paid. They should be paid more. I think that they should be paid according to performance but that’s not the way it works. Many people say that one goal in a ninety-minute match or a draw implies an awful quality performance.

On the other hand, these players have dedicated their whole life to their job, which involves harsh training and to keep their physical fitness ‘‘up - to – scratch’’, so he is also under a lot of pressure of their trainer who requires them to be completely fit and train strictly or they can kiss their career goodbye.

Also, apart from the pressure exerted from their instructor, they are under the pressure from the audience. They have to always try their best and always be conscious about the way they play and not make mistakes so that the media and public will not criticize them. A single error would represent a possible end of the career of that player.

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