Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth?

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Danielle Fraser; Clay High School
The title of this project is “Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth?” The purpose is to test how different music genres affect plant growth. The test may or may not validate the hypothesis made, that the plants exposed to classical music will be effected in a more positive way than the plants which are exposed to hardcore music.

The procedure is as follows: Nine dyanthus flowers are separated into three groups: classical music, control group, and hardcore music. Every morning plants are watered and left outside for their required six hours of sunlight. Every night, the plants are divided into their groups and exposed to their particular music genre for two hours. Results are recorded every two weeks, because of the plants slow reaction to the music.

After 4 weeks of experimentation, the plants display different results. Plants exposed to classical music look slightly healthier and have more flower blooms than do the plants exposed to hardcore music, though not much. The control group is also faring better than the plants exposed to hardcore music, but not as well as the classical group.

After examining the evidence, one can conclude that plants which are exposed to classical music grow better and are healthier than plants which are exposed to hardcore music, or to no music at all.

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Background Research3

Question: Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth
Variables: The independent variables were both music genres, Classical and Hardcore. The dependent variable was the plant growth after being exposed to their respective music types. The control group was a group of the exact same type of flower, but with no exposure to music. Hypothesis: The plant group that is exposed...
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