Do Computers Think? Philisophical Peper

Topics: Human, Thought, Mind Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The question of whether or not computers think is one that is discussed by many philosophers. I believe this question is useful because it is something that decades ago would not have been important. Computers are machines that have not always been around, and through technological advancements have become far more complex than those in the past believed could happen. I for one never believed that we would have machines that could give us answers to math problems that seemed unlikely to answer in less than half an hour in one minute, with all work being shown. This leads people to wonder if a computer can do so much who are we to say that they cannot think. These two questions have been pondered and answered by two different philosophers who have opposite arguments. Turing believes that computers in fact do have the ability to think, however if we look at the argument Seale makes while countering Turing’s, you will be able to see that computers do not actually produce thoughts. I agree with Seale’s argument that computers do not think, and that although they are able to do many things they cannot actually have thoughts. Computers are unable to think, because they are only capable of manipulating answers that are already there. Computers are able to update themselves in order to get better and more concise answers. “By observing the results of its own behavior it can modify its own programs so as to achieve some purpose more effectively.” (Turing 1950) Here Turing states himself that machines are able to modify its programs in order to work better, this is his closing statement in his argument. Turing states that machines are intelligent enough to modify itself depending on the situation, but being a thinking thing does not only have one characteristic. In order to be considered a thinking thing the ability to only modify one’s self is not enough. What I can see from this is that Turing believes that the definition of the word ‘think’ is greatly exaggerated in...
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