Do Children Watch Too Much Tv

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Do children watch too much television? A question that we didn’t need to ask ourselves too much in the past, but now that it’s a common household item that children have easy access to, this question has been brought up a lot now than ever. Now that a T.V. is in most households in America, and a lot of kids are being raised on it, this may lead a kid to think that sitting in front of a T.V. after school is better than going outside and playing ball. It may even lead a child into resorting to a T.V. as their only source of entertainment, which obviously isn’t a good habit to grow up on. But now that children can record their favorite shows it may lead to longer times sitting in front of a television. And video games have made it so that outdoor activities can be played inside. So I’m going to have to agree that children in today’s day and age watch way too much T.V. A problem with too much television with children doesn’t quite lie with the kids themselves but with their parents. Parents often rely on T.V. to babysit their kids at a young age. Well this is going to lead to a child developing their favorite shows, which will continue to develop throughout their lifetime. This development may even lead to an addiction of television. If a child just keeps discovering their favorite programs it can lead to way too much time just watching them all. Going outside will be the last thing on their mind. And it all started with a parent having the T.V. babysit. Video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii have made going outside almost completely pointless in the younger minds of today’s society. There are video games like Wii Sports that allow you to play Baseball, Bowling, Tennis and Basketball without even leaving your living room. Then other systems like xBox Kinect, where you can play without even a controller, make it so a child can have a feel of the experience of the game their playing. But again they’re not leaving the house. I’m not saying that I hate the Nintendo...
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