Do and Don'Ts in Public Speaking

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The audiences of my speech included a group of teachers in a school. This group of audience stands by a people who came from a different background of knowledge. The aged are between 25 to 50 years old which included 80 male and female teachers among them. As I’ve been told before they have less experience of presenting a speech in public. They also have different qualification and experiences. So, I need to explain details on my point to make them easily understand on what I am trying to tell them. Others, I will use a simple word and some example regarding my own experience.

As we have been discuss before, the occasion will held in house-training program of the school. The purpose of the occasion is to give some information about the right technique to doing speech in public. I will explain further on action of the do’s and don’ts of presenting a speech in public. A little research must be done to get a better point to speak to the audience. It is also to get information and gain knowledge to others teachers in their profession.

Location is one of the most important things to master. We must make sure which location the speech will take place so that we could be prepared. We conclude that the occasion will be held on 25 of October 2009 at Saujana Conference Room, Seri Malaysia Hotel, in Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman. This actually could reduce panic moments. This could make the speaker speak to the audience better.


The purpose of my speech is to guide the teachers about the do’s and don’ts in the presenting in public speaking. It also used to identify the strength and weaknesses (share information) of speech in public speaking with the audience. Therefore, this could help the presenter to be more confidence in their speech. In order to give a good speech the speaker must begin with something to get attention of the audience. The speech must begin with greets to the speaker, the audience and start with a nice smile to attract them. This could make them get attention on what I would talk or speech then.

Before write a full speech, I have done some resources from internet, books, magazines (reading) and from my module OUM’s to get more information and knowledge of my topic. I did photostatted the materials and refer them while write the full script of my speech. Moreover, to make a good speech I must get a good materials or references from any source such as books, internet, and magazine and so on. Others prepare the structure of the talk carefully and logically, just as I would for a written report. The material of my presentation should be concise, to the point to tell an interesting story of what I point to say the audience.

After got the materials and information, I do the outline and draft to make sure the speech going nice and clearly. Make a list of a structure as my starting point. Then, Write out the presentation in rough, just like in my first draft. Review the draft to make sure any resource taken being uses benefit.

Greet the audience smoothly for example, 'Good morning, ladies and gentlemen', and tell them who I am. Then, I’ll tell the audience what I’ am going to tell them which is a speech about the “Do’s and Don’ts of presenting a speech in public”. After that, I precede the presentation by introducing the topic “Do’s and Don’ts of presenting a speech in public”. Then I’ll start my talk with my starting point and so on.

In this parts also, I will tell them the purpose of my speech. So that, they can be focus to the point when I am presenting the speech.

ii).In Body/Content
I will give some guides about do’s and don’ts of presenting in public...
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