Do Adopted Kids Commit More Crimes

Topics: Adoption, Foster care, Reactive attachment disorder Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Why do people commit crime? The reasons vary from social and those as a result of the economic conditions that an individual is going through. Certain people also have got psychological issues that prompt them to do such things. The genetic make up of people could also make them desire to commit certain types of crimes, (Pavao, 1998). Children not well looked after in terms of parental care have a higher chance of committing a crime in their early years. In the same way children who are assaulted sexually are more prone to becoming sexual perverts later on .Children who are taken care of by legal guardians who are not their parents; undergo all manners of mental and physical deprivation. In most cases these kids are in deplorable conditions especially when they are not in a family setting. In many cases these kids make the majority of the homeless. They usually go away from their foster homes before they achieve maturity and yet they aren’t under the care of an approved family. The main reason for this is for them to engage in illegal activities.Statistics has shown that thirty percent of the homeless were once in foster homes, (Pavao, 1998). There are usually many traumatizing things that happen in foster homes; one of these is sexual abuse. Children in foster homes are usually four times more likely to be molested sexually than the rest of the population. In places where the children live in groups these chances rise to about twenty eight percent. These children are usually abused by people who are supposed to take care of them, and who they are supposed to trust. They are people such as their parents to whom they are not biologically related and other people in the home who are older than them. Others are abused by other children who live in the homes, (Pavao, 1998). There have been studies on adoptive children and their behavior. Among them has been the study of their criminal behavior as compared to those who live with their biological parents .Many of these...
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