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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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DNA Research Paper|
Coach Jones 6th period|
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Austin Permann4/11/11
Period 6Jones
My DNA Research Paper
DNA is something that is found in almost every organism. It is an abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is the hereditary material in people and is located in the cell nucleus. DNA contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. DNA is pretty much the blueprints of any living organism wishing to reproduce. DNA is important because many good things have come out of it. DNA is used to solve crimes, make medicines, and find ancestry. Speaking of the uses of DNA, a major one is using it to help solve crimes. Let’s say you robbed a store, and on the way out, you cut yourself on a door or you grab the handle. If there is any blood or fingerprints the police can take samples of it and run it through a database they have to see if they have any matches. So if you rob a store, use gloves! DNA is used in paternity testing to genetically prove that a father is the biological father of a child. So you can see if half (it will be half because you get half of your moms and half of your dads genes) of your genes match your fathers. So if you look absolutely nothing like your dad, you might want to get that checked out DNA technology is a big discussion in the world right now. Will they be able to further it with stem cell research? Will cloning be allowed? I think for the near future the biggest push will be green plants. And I don’t just mean the color; I mean genetically altering them to where they will be more resistant to insects and pesticides, produce more food and produce it faster. DNA technology will be used to make the planet greener and restore it back to its old self. It will also be used to help find cures for diseases such as cancer and diabetes and genetic disorders like Alzheimer. Watson and Crick...
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