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Topics: Death, Thought, Suicide Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Can DNA really show you what is going to happen throughout your life. Well in David Ewing Duncan’s “DNA as Destiny” essay he is surely a believer in the theory. This article explains what exactly goes into determine the strengths and weaknesses of your DNA.

Your DNA is what you are made of, its what makes you different than everyone else in the world. This DNA is now being used for many other things other than useless studies from the past. Now, you can give a geneticist a swap of spit and he or she can tell you more things than you could imagine, or let alone more things than you really ever wanted to know. They can tell you anything from the chances of you getting a heart attack, to who your ancestors were many, many moons ago.

I thought the article was extremely interesting. The only problem I see with the DNA testing and telling people what there destiny is it could discouraged people very badly. In the article a man learns of the high chance of dieing from the same disease his father just died of. He was distraught that he went home and committed suicide because he did not want to suffer like his father did for years. On the positive side hit could be used to help prevent what ever it is that might come your way. Like the author found out that he had a decently high chance of having a heart attack. So, what does he do? Starts exercising more to help prevent a heart attack.

Another great idea I thought the book had was, only tell the patient that they are going to have a way to prevent it or at least a possibility of preventing the problem. If people are told they are going to die by the age of 30 with a rare disease there is no way they are going to live the best life they possible can. They are always going to be thinking why me, how long do I have. The productivity of their life is going to be way less than what they thought it to be before they were told about their future.
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