Dna Is the Most Important for Life

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  • Published : July 17, 2011
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DNA is the most important for life

One of the most complex and mysterious aspects of contemporary science is the constitution of life. While it goes without saying there are an enormous amount of components that collaborate to achieve the most effective and efficient components of life, it’s also clear that some of these molecular components contribute to the actual function of living system more than others. This essay argues the DNA is the most important molecule for life.

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a nucleic molecule that functions as one of the most central aspects of living organisms. Contained within DNA are the fundamental aspects of all living things; in these regards, DNA functions as a sort of encyclopedic instruction manual for all elements within the human genetic system. Another way of viewing DNA is as a blueprint for the living organism. When new components, including RNA or proteins need to be constructed, it is the DNA that determines how these elements will be constituted. Figure 1 below demonstrates the basic DNA genetic components. It’s for these reasons it’s clear DNA is more important to the construction of life than these components.

Figure 1 DNA Structure
While DNA is recognized as an essential blueprint for all living organisms, it all contains a number of important live creating and sustaining functions within these organisms. One such function is that of transcription. Within DNA there are genes, which are strands of material that influence the constitution of living elements (Cooper). These genes contain genetic components influence the organism’s phenotype through transcription processes. This transcription process functions through informing the sequences of RNA and protein. During this process the codons of a gene are implemented in transcribing RNA polymerase (Pollard). This process is then decoded through ribosomes that read the base-pairing messenger elements. This process occurs in a great variety of life...
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