Dna Forensics

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Deepa shah

Kayla, Lesley
Lab group 2
Lab Assignment #2
Group #2, Gel #1, Well # 9 : (see attached sheet, and online- which is clearer) Quantifiler :
Table 1: Quantifiler sample results, showing the quantity in ng/μl for 3 different detectors: Duo Human, to tell if the DNA is human, Duo male, which tells if the DNA has a Y chromosome, and Duo IPC which is an internal PCR control. Sample| Detector| Quantity |

“1265”| Duo Human| 24.06013ng/μl|
| Duo IPC| |
| Duo Male| 0|
“1265 1/10”| Duo Human| 2.938871 ng/μl|
| Duo IPC| |
| Duo Male| 0|

Pico green:
Table 2: PicoGreen sample results, showing the Relative Fluorescent Units for the normal sample (2μl stock +98 μl TE) and the diluted sample(2 μl diluted DNA +98 μl TE). Sample| RFU|
“1265 pico”| 5256|
“1265 pico 1/10”| 1422|

1) Roughly what quantitiy of DNA did you extract based on your uncut DNA gel relative to the LML ? Show your work and calculations(4). [ SIDE NOTE: It is hard to see mine , I am group 2, gel 1, well 9 but based on brightness of me looking at it appears that my sample is between 40ng to 80ng. If we are trying to figure this out based on height of ladder based on weight then I estimate that since my bar is well above the ladder that it is roughly ~ 500 ng… but that seems wrong . I will calculate using both just in case I am wrong . ]

Assuming evaluate by brightness using [1] | Assuming evaluating via Height| Between 40ng and 80 ng so :(40ng+80ng)/ 2 = 60ng| Guess about 500ng | Concentration of DNA|
60ng/ 8μl = 7.5ng/ μl| 500ng/8 μl = 62.5ng/ μl|
[side note] : we used 4 μl LML so we use the 200ng – 10ng scale [1]| According to Hewett.L [1] in 4 μl there is 10ng/100 base pairs:| 60ng*100bps10ng=600bps| 500ng*100bps10ng=5000bps|
But we used 8 μl of ours so the scale moves? I am going to assume not|

2) From your uncut DNA gel, what conclusions can you draw about the quantity and quality of the...
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