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Dna Extraction Lab Report

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Dna Extraction Lab Report

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Aim : To extract the DNA from an egg yolk using various enzymes and to compare with other groups the most effective way to extract DNA.

Hypothesis :
To be able to observe white springy substances after mixing with enzyme and alcohol.

Apparatus : -Test tube, spatula, glass rod, dropper, beaker, test tube rack, skewer. Materials : - 1 egg, meat tenderizer, salt, water , soap, isopropyl alcohol 91%, pineapple juice.

Variables :
Manipulated Variable : Responding Variable : Constant Variable : The different type of enzyme used. Identify the white springy substance as the DNA. The amount of egg yolk in test tube, the drops of enzymes.

Procedure : 1. The egg is cracked open and gently separate the yolk from the white into a small bowl. 2. Then add a spoonful of salt and a few drops of water to the yolk. 3. Use a glass rod and mix the mixture. 4. Take a spoonful of dish soap and mix into the mixture for 5 minutes. 5. The 3 test tubes will be then filled with small amount of yolk mixture using a dropper. 6. A pinch of meat tenderizer will be added into each test tube. 7. The test tube is then added with isopropyl alcohol carefully by using a dropper. 8. Observe and record the results, repeat step 1-6 with another 3 test tube by using pineapple juice as the enzyme.

Figure 1.1 : The arrow shows the white springy
substance as DNA. Visibility is low.

Figure 1.2 : The arrow shows a visible image of
DNA floats on the surface of alcohol.

Tan 1

Observation :
After adding 3 drops of isopropyl alcohol and meat tenderizer in the egg yolk solution, after a few minutes you are able to observe a little DNA white springy substance. Once DNA is visible it rose into the clear alcohol that also floats on water. On the test 3 and test 4 , we added 5 drops of isopropyl alcohol into both 3 small test tubes and to investigate the differences of enzyme affecting the visibility of DNA.

Figure 1.3 : Shows the white springy
substance from...

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