Dna Exonerations

Topics: DNA, Crime, Assault Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Shayne DowdellDNA Exonerations
ForensicsPeriod 9
1. After more than three decades in prison, a man in Florida was set free Thursday after a DNA test showed he did not kidnap and rape a 9-year-old-boy in 1974. James Bain, 54 was 19 when he was convicted on charges of kidnapping, burglary and strong-arm rape. Now he will be allowed to go home for the first time in 35 years. James Bain was convicted due to the victim picking him out of five photos. Bain kept pursuing DNA tests but was denied until the Innocence Project helped him. 2. Nicholas Yarris was arrested for the rape and murder of a woman. During the investigation of the body, police picked up many DNA samples. Yarris was arrested for a traffic violation, and told police that his acquaintance was in fault for the murder and rape of that woman. When that suspect was deemed negative, Yarris was charged with the murder and rape and was sentenced to death. Further DNA testing and Yarris was deemed innocent and was released from jail in January 2004, spending 21 years behind bars. 3. On January 24, 1988, the victim, a young cocktail waitress, was coming home from work when, as she got out of her car, a black man pointed a gun at her face and demanded her money and her purse. She handed them over and her assailant led her from the lighted area in front of her apartment building to a darkened area at the corner of the building. He threatened her with the gun and forced her to remove her hose and underpants and proceeded to rape her. Afterward, the victim suggested they each go their separate ways and the assailant agreed. The victim watched him walk away and then ran into her house and called first her mother and then the police. Troy Webb was arrested for the crime after the victim identified a photo of him as the attacker. At trial, the prosecution presented evidence that the victim had picked out a photograph of Webb at the police station. After declaring that she was ninety-nine...
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