Dmd Medical Scenario

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  • Published : August 2, 2010
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Ever company ideally strives for a sense of equality, balance, high morale, profitability, and efficiency. This; however, has not been the case here at DMD Medical Supplies over the last few months. It has come to my attention that since Jessica Hilo’s medical leave her responsibilities have been temporarily reassigned to Ralph and Frank. This shift of responsibilities has caused an uneven balance of workloads, a drop in employee morale, and has cost the company overtime each month. Here is why: Ralph belongs to a team consisting of himself, Jack, Jessica (ordinarily), and a full time assistant. Frank belongs to a team of himself, Ruth, Samuel, and a part time assistant. Since Jessica’s absence Ruth has been working overtime, taking shorter breaks, and has complained of being tired. As a result, Frank has mentioned a drop in Ruth’s quality of work. On the other side of things, Jack has been coming in late, taking much longer than his allotted break times, and seems to have little to do. The work he has accomplished, however, is high in quality. To properly address and amend this situation I’ve come up with a few changes that could be made. The idea is to create a better and balanced work flow. I plan to achieve this by first relieving Ms. Hilo’s duties from Ruth’s team. Between Jack, Ralph, and the full time assistant, this would give the team plenty of work to do and relieve the pressure the Ruth has been feeling. If Ms. Hilo is unable to return then a replacement should be considered. Second, I intend to ensure that work is being done properly and within the allotted time frames of a working day. Each employee is expected to be here on time, take an appropriate amount of time for breaks and lunches, and leave when the working day is done. By relieving Ruth’s team of Ms. Hilo’s duties and enforcing an appropriate work schedule (including allotted break times) I would be relieving the stress off Ruth’s team, giving Jack and his team more to do, saving the...
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