Dmaic Process Improvement Plan: Analyze, Improve, and Control

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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DMAIC Process Improvement Plan: Analyze, Improve, & Control
August 23, 2011
Discovery of the DMAIC Process Improvement Plan: Define and Measure for the Help Desk shows that it is critical to understand the customers’ needs, status, and title in order to properly prioritize the product of assistances and standby team to meet those needs. Furthermore, by measuring the average issues occurrences, IT can strengthen technology in its weakest area to slow down possible issues occurrences. In conjunction to a DMAIC Process Improvement Plan, further research of the Information Technology Help Desk bottleneck issue will be completed with the 3 remaining DMAIC methodologies: analyze, improve, and control. DMAIC Process Improvement Plan: Analyze, Improve, and Control Introduction on Help Desk

Computing devices, such as a desktop computer, has become productivity tools for enterprises and their users. A user’s inability to access the computer due to a computer glitch or understand a certain function prevents the user from completing tasks. Glitches diminish productivity in the enterprise and handicap the goal and mission of the business. Supporting computing devices have become a high demand and many enterprises implement the Information Technology department with Help Desk technicians at the front line. The common bottleneck issue within the Help Desk, in relation to a business, stems from the business practice. The Help Desk is commonly blamed for all issues regarding technology. Because the Help Desk’s practices are not business oriented, it is usually plagued with an overwhelming number of work orders. However, the Help Desk lacks training and have poor processing and tracking procedures to meet business standards. Sig-Sigma’s methodology, DMAIC: analyze, improve, and control, will clarify how the Help Desk can improve in this area.

DMAIC: Analyze
The third step in DMAIC is to analyze and there are two requirements: (1) determine the...
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