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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Assignment Grading Criteria

Educational Packet and Evaluation

Week Four

Choose a chronic disease as the focus for this project. Submit your choice to faculty for approval.

Create content for an educational packet. Include at least three items in your packet; these might include a brochure, a resource aid, and or a how–to guide. You may use the Brochure Builder resource on the student website to complete one of the three items in your packet. Provide information that includes the following:

• An aesthetic appearance that motivates or encourages the patient to read further • Statistics on the disease
• An overview of the disease, including description, anatomy, diagnostic testing, and long-term care • Secondary or tertiary health promotion strategies
• Local, state, and national resources

Consider readability and create wording that is at a sixth-grade level. Submit the readability statistics and the tool used with your assignment.

Include at least five references, and submit the references in a separate Microsoft® Word document.

|Content |Points available |Points earned | |10 points possible | | | |Chronic disease is selected, and an educational packet is developed. |10 | | |Readability is at the sixth-grade level. | | | |The materials are aesthetically pleasing, and encourages the patient to read further. | | | |The packet includes the following: statistics on the disease, an overview of anatomy, | | | |diagnostic testing, and long-term care. Secondary or tertiary health promotion | |...
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