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List of modules for Year 1 (or modules that most Year 1 students take): Academic Writing a.k.a AW (for those not exempted)
This is a pre-assigned module. The profs don’t really matter for AW as the quizzes, percentage of class participation, assessments are all the same across the board. It’s a module that honestly will take up quite a bit of your time but don’t fret as you really aren’t alone in this. Just some things to take note of, it is quite difficult to compare the style of writing at times with your friends if you are under different profs so even in looking at a grade A paper from another class, do look at the style and see if it fits what your prof is looking out for. Have fun for this mod!(I died for it but I made a couple of good friends who I’m quite close to still)

Business, Government and Society a.k.a. BGS
Good professors: Er Jwee Ping, Raj Komaran, Elizabeth Su, Loo Khee Sheng *This module was preassigned to me so I didn't really have to chance to choose. I took this module under Loo Khee Sheng and he is supposed to be the best prof for BGS. He is really slack. His class participation is quantitative. The maximum he will give you per class 4. Minimum is 0. If you are preassigned to him, from the first lesson, just class participate 4 times for each lesson and 20% of your grade is secured. It’s the easiest A+ you will ever get in your life!

Technology and World Change a.k.a. TWC
Good professors: Pamela Lim, Pang Eng Fong, Matts Lindag (Funny + Slack), Terence Fan Pamela Lim is really expensive but she max-es out the number of As she can give. However, class participation in her classes may be competitive. Anyway, her finals is like OPEN LAPTOP, so basically, you don't have to prepare much :) Oh, she also have 2 projects.

Got a friend who took it under terence fan. He’s slack, talks in a weird gay-ish voice but he enjoyed his classes cause he’s a very nice and accommodating professor. Many would be playing with their laptops/facebooking during his lessons but just talk in class and do well for his projects. U have to do a couple of small projects for him and they all count towards the final grade so be sure to have good group members!

OK professors: Gurinder Shahi (To me he is good cause I got my grade I wanted from him. Haha!) I got him really really cheap. I think I bidded $10 for him. Firstly, he max-es out the number of As he can give. His class participation is great for people who don’t really like speaking up in class as well as part of his class participation is on Facebook where he has created a group for his classes and you can post interesting articles and stuff there and this would go towards your class participation grades.(However, you will still need to speak up in class. Just that now class participation is divided into 2 components) His finals is OPEN LAPTOP, so basically, you don’t have to prepare much . The downside to it is that his workload is heavy! He requires a weekly journal done in the form of a blog, one research paper to be handed in by the end of the semester and he has 2 projects. One individual 5-10 minute presentation and one group presentation where you would create a website.

Avoid: Peter Foong ->Disgusting grades and poor teaching styles AVOID: Soon Loo => SUPER DUPER heavy workload throughout the semester but his finals is like 2%. Crazy tough projects. U can learn A LOT from him but he’s famous for coming up with ‘think out of the box’ projects. Not the conventional teacher.

Management Communications a.k.a. MC
Good professors: Mark Chong, Carla Lim, Tom Estad
For those who have a flair for public speaking, Mark Chong’s the undeniable choice. You should do best in his class. I was in his class in Semester 2 last year, and I have learnt a lot from him :) Be prepared to bid high (21-25 e-dollars) for him. I have not taken MC under Tom Estad but I heard he is the best MC prof to be under if you want to learn. He will teach you everything you...
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