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Topics: Prank call, Prank calling, Broadcasting Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 18, 2013
2Day DJ Blame game childish and vindictive.

Contention: That the 2day fm djs should not be held accountable for the death of jacintha saldanha

The recent issues of the death of a nurse and mum, Jacintha Saldanha have led to the “witch hunt” or blame of the 2day fm DJ’s Mel Creig and Michael Christian, however it is obvious to see that the two should not be held accountable for this unpredictable tragedy.

As a radio broadcaster myself I have made many prank calls which have all resulted as a harmless joke for both the victim and the caller. The call that was made to the Hospital of which Kate Middleton accommodated was just another example of a harmless hoax call, which unfortunately had a tragic ending. Were charges placed on FOX FM’s Matt Tilley for his four albums of “gotcha calls”? Although these prank calls may seem malice and harmful, the broadcasters are given strict instructions which involves them to call back the victims to inform them that they were pranked so essentially these calls are only designed for entertainment purposes. Prank calls are broadcasted daily from all over the world and as normal human beings no one could have foreseen the tragic ending with the given circumstances. Through the prank call and the given circumstances it is simply unreasonable to accuse the two innocent Dj’s of being the reason to the unforeseeable tragedy.

Even if the hoax was the main factor which led to Jacintha’s death it is impossible to directly point the finger at the Dj’s. Like every other person in the world we are paid to do our job so we must remember that Creig and Christian were only doing their jobs and before this tragedy the two were most likely even acknowledged as “genius’” for bringing their show global recognition. It is important to know that the calls was prerecorded and then sent to the stations lawyers for approval before going to air so essentially the station is to blame and not their employees. It is more than childish to blame...
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