Dj Equipment

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DJ Equipment
DJ equipment is a device for playing back, mixing, and scratching music from CD and audio data as if they were from a vinyl record. DJ equipment is mainly made up of two DJ players and one DJ mixer. Although mainly used in North America and Europe until now, recently sales numbers of DJ equipment are increasing in emerging countries such as Russia and Brazil. In addition, although mostly used by businesses such as discos, due to the appearance of low-cost products private users are also increasing in number. Renesas Electronics simplifies the development of DJ equipment with SH726x 32-bit RISC microcontrollers with functions necessary for DJ equipment built-in and a lineup of motor drivers, power supply ICs, various standard ICs, optoelectronics devices, and so on. SH726x microcontrollers are built around the SH2A-FPU high-performance CPU core and integrate on-chip peripheral functions, such as an SD memory card interface, a NAND flash memory controller, USB, a CD-ROM decoder, and a serial sound interface. In addition, a variety of middleware products, such as an MP3 encoder/decoder, are available, allowing for flexible extension of functions and reducing the time required for system development.

System Block Diagram DJ player 1

DJ mixer
MOSFET: 2SK1807 Power supply IC PS25xx Photocoupler MOSFET: 2SK1807 Power supply IC PS25xx Photocoupler M5291FP DC-DC converter HA178Lxx 3-terminal regulator

Line filter


Various switches Various LEDs

Memory card USB

CD mechanism

DJ player 2 (same as above)

Latest application information here.

2013.03 1

Line filter

3-terminal regulator

HA178Lxx Operation/ control/ display MCU
Fluorescent display

RL78 family

Audio OUT


R2A30255SP, other
Motor driver CD-LSI

Audio Codec MP3/AAC/WMA File system •Audio control

Audio DSP 24-bit DAC Op-amp MIC AUX USB Op-amp


Flash memory SDRAM 24-bit DAC

RNA519xx Series Reset IC


Audio control MCU

Memory card Slider/volume Switch

Flash memory SDRAM

Reset IC RNA519xx Series



Audio control/operation/control MCU Audio OUT

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Recommended Products
Block Control MCU Sem iconductor device MCU Reset IC Recom m ended products SH7260 Series RL78 family RNA519xx Series R2A30255SP CD control Motor driver R2A30260SP Pow er supply IC Pow er supply DC-DC converter MOS FET Zener diode RDxxS Series Photocoupler (standard) PS25xx Series PS27xx Series PS28xx Series 2-terminal face-mount outline HA178Lxx μPC78Lxx M5291FP RJK60 Series NNCDxxDA Series Features, etc.

As of March 2013
Timer, 3.3 V operation, 32-bit CPU Timer, 1.6 to 5.5V operation, low pow er consumption, 3 V, 5 V reset SPM + 6 ch, low pow er consumption, reduce number of peripheral parts SPM + 6 ch + DCDC, low pow er consumption, reduce number of peripheral parts Three-terminal regulator Operating voltage: 2.5 to 40 V, peak current, limiter circuit Low on-resistance, high-speed sw itching High ESD tolerance optimal for use in surge absorption

General purpose Surge absorption Circuit protection, etc. FB circuit of output voltage

High isolation voltage (5 kV r.m.s.), 4p-DIP High isolation voltage (3.75 kV r.m.s.), 4p-SOP High isolation voltage (2.5 kV r.m.s.), 4p-SSOP

Related Boards
Nam e Part No.

Option board for audio SH7264 CPU board SH7267 CPU board SH7269 CPU board SH726B CPU board

M3A-HS64G01 M3A-HS64G50 R0K572670C000BR R0K572690C000BR R0K5726B0C000BR

Related Middleware
Nam e Part No.

MP3 decoder WMA decoder AAC decoder MP3 encoder AAC encoder CD file system (ISO9660) FAT file system USB Mass Storage Class(SH7264/SH7266/SH7267) USB Mass Storage Class(SH7268/SH7269) USB Mass Storage...
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