Divya Bhaskar

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Love Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Grandparents are so very important in the lives of children. Of course, not every child has grandparents around and their lives are no worse for it. However, when I hear stories of separation or family rifts where loving grandparents are kept away from children, it breaks my heart.Grandparents are like an old shady tree lovingly showering their cool shade to the grandchildren.Grandparents have lived through three stages in their lives, childhood, adulthood, and grandparenthood. Through every stage, we learn new things and gain wisdom and knowledge. As we learn more, we know ourselves more and the world as we know it. This wisdom needs to be passed on to future generation, and this is why grandparents are so important.Giving children roots in the past and the present gives children a sense of unity and belonging. Traditions also serve as a source of wisdom and stability and provide families with a sense of who they are. Grandparents can provide the necessary link between cultural heritage and present day customs.Grandparents can be very patient, effective teachers. The knowledge they pass on will last a lifetime.Grandparents instill the stability of being accepted as-is. That patient, unconditional love can help children learn to trust others, become more independent and take initiative. This dynamic does wonders for a child 's self-esteem.Childhood is a time when grandparents and children can share the joys of reading a book, building with blocks or exploring a park. Simple activities shared together can enrich a child 's life tremendously.Whether grandparents live near or far, we need to value their vital role in child development and respect their ability to sweeten our children 's lives tremendously. Tapping into this wonderful resource will enrich each family member 's life. Grandparents are certainly treasures of love and wisdom who enrich our life manifold!
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