Divorce: a Way Out

Topics: Marriage, Relationship counseling, Family therapy Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Divorce: A Way Out
When it comes to bad relationships in married couples, some feel as if they are at their wits end. That they can't take it anymore, whatever the specific situation may be. They feel as if they are trapped and only have one way out to a better life. This end of the road blunt solution is known as the divorce. Now some couples, before reaching this ultimatum, try to search for some possible alternative to see if they can save their marriage. Almost automatically, some would think maybe marriage counseling could be their best option. Although counseling could quite “possibly” work, I believe that it is definitely not the best alternative. Most often than not, marriage counseling usually ends up failing and possibly make things worst. What if I said I could show you a much better alternative with a higher success rate? Well I believe that I can with explaining how taking a break is the most viable solution. But first let me explain why marriage counseling is not the best option to take.

First of all, the perspectives involved which would be the children, dad, and mom, would all probably agree to this first option. The children, usually not knowing any better, would probably assume that professional counseling is the ultimate solution considering professionals are involved in trying to fix their parents relationship. When it comes to parents views on this solution, it can go two different ways. In one scenario, both parents can agree to attempt to salvage their marriage and attend couples therapy with an open mind to see if it is possible to fix the problem. On the other hand, you can have one parent that completely rejects the idea and figures they can fix it on their own without seeking professional help while the other is pushing to use therapy as the only means of saving their marriage. If not that, then one has already accepted the fact that they want out. So for instance, if both parents agree to work at their relationship and attend...
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