Divorce: Marriage and Young Married Couples

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Annulment Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Marriage is very crucial in human’s life. It helps human to widen the population of new generations. But nowadays, most people do not take for granted about marriage. That is why the divorce rate keeps increasing especially in Malaysia. There are various factors that contribute to the divorce rate in our country.

The major role in which contribute to the increasing percentage of divorce is lack of understanding of religion. For example, most young married couples nowadays get married with their spouse just to show their true love but unfortunately they neglect the pure side of Islamic tradition, values and moral. Therefore, married couples who do not abide by the Islamic teaching and keep ignoring the Islamic instructions will lead to divorce problem.

In addition, a poor parenting skill is another factor that leads to the divorce. Many cases have been revealed as busy young married couples have neglected their responsibilities towards their own kids. Usually, they will send their kids to nursery while they are too busy with their works at office. But then, if something happen to the kids, they keep blaming each other. Thus, they will fight again and again at last the problem explodes unexpectedly. Then, they will take the easiest solution which is divorce.

Besides, social pressure on an individual to get married too early with someone, she or he does not like will to divorce. Most married couples will turn to divorce because there is no more compatibility among them. As for example, a girl has been forced to marry with drug addict person. Then, from time to time the wife will not willing to live with the ill husband who always creates problems here and there. Then, the divorce will occur.

In order to decrease the divorce rate in Malaysia, we can take several steps to help young couples to maintain their marital issues. The first step is enhancing the Islamic values among young generations. If people return back to hold their...
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