Divorce: Marriage and Time Consuming Route

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family law Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Should we reform divorce laws to making it harder to get divorce one? Yes In America today, divorce rate plays are at the ultimate high, being that 50% of marriages lead to a descending conclusion. Are there really that many valid reasons to part ways with the person that you gave an oath to spending the rest of your life with? “Till death do us part, for better or for worse” are not just ten words pieced together forming promise towards future compliment between two individuals; but also a vow, an oath, a pledge that plays as a seed to the potential growth between lovers. According to an article entitled “The Anti-Divorce Revolution: The Debate on Marriage Takes a Surprising Turn,” “Every year since 1975, over one million marriages in the United States have ended in divorce” (Nordlinger). Statistics such as this, the question arises: Are divorces too easily obtainable? With the abuse of divorce, there should be new enforced laws to make it harder to obtain one. Most Americans often forget that religion plays a very big role in the marriage, and divorce is going against the higher and stronger power. This does not only raise the rates but it also goes against the vows that are a said as a covenant to God in their ceremony with The Bible present. Two-thirds of the U.S. population participates in some kind of religion whether it is Protestant, Judaism, or Islam that worships a higher power. More importantly two-fifths of the population attends a religious service where they take time to teach and preach about their Lord. Nearly 80% percent of the U.S. population is Christian who disapproves of divorce; they believe that it should only be granted if there is abuse. They practice that marriage is something that is supposed to betray love, trust, and dedication. In 1969 Ronald Regan signed a bill for no-fault divorce in California, and it went into effect January 1, 1970. No-fault divorce is in which divorce is granted without showing or proving the wrongdoing of...
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