Divorce Is Good

Topics: Marriage, Child abuse, Abuse Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Unlocking Potential
The image of connubial love is dead. The mass of our population is migrating from traditional values to accept divorce as a gateway to realizing individual freedom and potential. My best wishes to the folks who persevere through the boredom, abuse, and infidelity, but the key which breaches wedlock is the beholder of freedom and discovery. The sociology department at the university of Alabama found that divorce rates doubled from 1950 to 2000. Since the era of apple pie, common sense has demolished the asbestos–filled walls between marriage and annulment. Fortunately, people in loveless relationships are now able to abandon their misery without the judgment of overbearing zealots. Freedom from commitment allows the individual to seek compatibility in an open market, much like consumers shop for the most felicitous product between varying outlets. Likewise, competition drives innovation and expands product selection in the American market economy, as well as in the relationship market. A relationship market that is more bounteous in selection between divorcees will have an exaggerated degree of contentment and much less remorse of selection, which will create a population that is more experienced, yet altogether more satisfied with their relationships. Thus, society enabling divorce between loveless partners creates greater morale. While divorce gives people the ability to select a more compatible partner, it also supports development of the individual who has experienced infidelity, abuse, and manipulation. While divorce has become more acceptable within our society, so has the rate of domestic abuse and marital rape diminished. Divorce grants freedom to the abused partner, who for a significant amount of history endured a lifetime of misery for the sake of religious and peer approval. More importantly, divorce often removes children from experiencing a physically and emotionally destructive environment. Children can develop mentally,...
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