Divorce and Affects on Children

Topics: Psychology, Marriage, Emotion Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Covering the growing rate of divorce and its affects on children; divorce has been a trend that many are living by in today’s time. Marriage in no longer a commitment to a spouse and child; instead it is treated as a normal act of people and families suffer. Little thought is put into young children and how divorce can have precise affects emotionally, psychologically an even sometimes physically. Approach:

Will show impact of behavioral or emotional struggles of children in divorces; as well as some characteristics children show from dealing with separation or self-blame. The outcome of children who receive no support for dealing with divorce and does it change for children who have emotional help through divorce. Gather data that shows the progress of children who have emotional support and its affect behavioral issues. How often a cycle of divorce is continued from children of divorce. Support for children who blame themselves; helping children to know they are loved by parents; the affects of children whose parents involve them in divorce causing the child to hate self and parents. Conclusion:

The implication of answers is to change the view of divorce and its harmful affect on children in many developing factors. This is a particular matter that affects a child’s self-esteem, self-worth; as well as damage to child’s future partners. Divorce is a destroyer; it should be taken with great precaution since its affects can last longer after the divorce.

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