Divorce Affect on Children

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CIF # 1 “Effects of Divorce on Children”

For this current information finding I chose an article about the effects of divorce on children. I chose this because I, myself, am a child affected by divorce. At a young age my parents separated and I was thrown into the world of divorce. Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and every other weekend at dad’s, and everywhere in between with mom was the new schedule I was forced to live by. Weekly visits to the family counselor also quickly became part of this routine. As a six year old first grader, I didn’t quite understand why mommy was the one dropping me off at school and daddy was the one picking me up. I don’t believe I put too much thought into that either, but all I did know was that no matter what, my parents still loved me. Looking back I can see all the affects the divorce had on me, but at the time I don’t think I realized what was going on. As the years went by my dad became less and less involved in my life, and mom became my main support system. No matter what the circumstance, she was always there for me cheering me on 100%. Seeing how much she cared and loved me and how little effort my dad put in is what triggered the resentment I have towards him now. In the article I read, the author states that this is common in many children a part of divorced families.

There are so many effects on the children of these broken families that most people do not realize. The effects range from psychological problems to conduct problems and future relationship issues. The author goes into detail about the many tests and studies that have been conducted to show exactly how these children are affected. One that particularly caught my attention was one that proved that adult children of divorce tend to experience less satisfaction with their lives, higher rates of depression and anxiety, and lower self-esteem. This resonated with me because I look at myself now and feel like I don’t have any of those traits.

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