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  • Published: December 4, 2013
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Divorce's Impact on Preschool, School-Age, and Adolescent Children

This writing reviews current literature examining the impact of divorce on children in the context of family. The review encompasses ways divorce can be prevented and how un-prevented divorce can affect children of the specified ages. The ages of the children are outlined as preschool, school aged and adolescence. The impact on each group is different and considered. Ways to minimize the number of divorces is examined by outlining preventions on a state level. Recommendations for state established programs are made that would occur prior to marriage to prevent later miscommunications. In the face of unstoppable divorce it is important to understand how children can be helped to cope more effectively with divorce in context of future development. Divorce's impact on preschool, school-age, and adolescent children

As divorce continues to be an option for marriage resolution it is important to take a look at how divorce affects young children. Numerous studies have been done to prove the negative effects of divorce on children. This writing will examine those effects upon children of preschool, school, and adolescent aged children. It is important to understand the effects on children in terms of later development. Divorce affects both the custodial and non-custodial parent and their relationship with the child (ren). It effects how parents discipline their children and bond with their children. The negative effects of divorce could be avoided if divorce could be minimized. Minimizing divorce could prevent the negative long term effects of divorce on children. This writing will also take a look at how divorce can be minimized in order to circumvent negative effects on preschool, school and adolescent aged children. The impact of divorce on preschool, school aged and adolescent children needs to be understood in order to prevent long term emotional, mental, social...
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