Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family law Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: January 11, 2013
The 21st century witnesses the striking increase in the divorce rate. More and more spouses choose divorce as a way to escape from obstacles in family life. The reasons for the rising divorce rate fall into three main categories: changes in women's roles, faithlessness of spouses and pressure from idustrialized life. Firstly, women's changing role in society is the most noticeable cause. In the past, women spent most of their time at home doing housework, taking care of their children and husband. Meanwhile, men were considered to be the bread-winners. Therefore, women had to depend financially on men. Now women's roles have been changing significantly. They attain the equality with men by being well- educated and energetic in social work. Both sexes have the same chances in earning money as long as they are qualified. It is the fact that women now can put an end to an unhappy marriage, which was impossible in the past. This is followed by the remarkable speed in the divorce rate. The second reason for this issue is the faithlessness. With the hectic pace of life, many couples come to marriage easily without understanding well about their partners. The feeling of first passion soon leaves when spouses together undergo difficulties of the family life. As a result, adultery is unavoidable. Quarrels ensuing from that are signals of a broken relationship. Then it is no doubt that infidelity annuls marriages. Finally, pressure from industrialized life partially causes divorces. With the development of technology, some jobs are done more effectively and productively by machines than by manual labor. This brings about unemployment among those who are not very high- qualified. Losing jobs along with escalating costs build up high pressure on spouses. Tiredness and exhaustion in work prevent them from maintaining a joyful marriage. At that time, conflicts are seen more frequently. When the endurance reaches its climax, there is no way to save the matrimony. Divorce is the...
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