Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Business Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Dela Cuesta, Janine G. 17 Aug 2011
EN11- RO8 Ms. Buenavida A. Tupe
The Masterminds of Tomorrow
Manny Pangilinan, Manny Villar and Lucio Tan are just three of the many successful businessmen here in the country. But the thing is they didn’t start big nor did their success come overnight; they weren’t even born in high-class families. At such young ages, these people have already had their creative minds working and had set their eyes on their goal. People, most especially teenagers, shouldn’t let themselves be hindered by their young ages to start working for their dreams. Following the footsteps of the aforementioned, these young entrepreneurs at the heart of 168 Mall have already taken a step up the ladder of success. HKRA Store

The Hong Kong Red Apple, as by its name, gets most of their products from Hong Kong. Being just one of the many shoes-and-bags stores in the area, what makes Michaela’s* business stand out are the cheerful staff and the friendly ambiance the store emits. Although the HKRA Store in 168 Mall has just opened recently, Michaela, only twenty years young, has recently opened another branch at 568 Mall, Caloocan City. Asking her why she has not set up her business in malls, she mentioned that she isn’t ready yet, being only in the fashion business for two years. Not only can she save money through cheaper rent, but she can also gain experience through meeting different customers from different aspects of life. Hello Kitty Merchandise

Dianne*, twenty-one years of age, and her very pink store has been an entrepreneur roughly for three to four years. During her teenage years, she wanted to share her love for Sanrio. Thanks to her parents and a few friends, she was able to contact a supplier from Hong Kong. As much as possible, she keeps her business at hand. Whenever time permits, she personally runs the store, with the help of a few of her staff. Even during her days full of meetings here and there, she tries to contact...
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