Division and Classification

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Division and Classification Essay
A championship football team consists of many key components. There is no one thing, or one player, that can make or break a team’s success. If properly combined, all of these components can form an unstoppable unit.

Although there is no one player alone that can cause a football team to be successful, the quarterback may be the most important and influential of all. A quarterback is the leader, the captain, and the general of a football team both on and off the field. He commands the offense on a play-to-play basis, given that he has the ball in his hands play after play. They get all of the glory, along with all of the blame. Take the Indianapolis Colts for example; they were one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. They made appearances in the playoffs year after year and even won a Super Bowl with their star quarterback Peyton Manning leading the way. However, their star quarterback underwent neck surgery early this year and has been unable to play. Without him leading the helm, the Indianapolis Colts have not won a game this season, going 0-8. This should provide an example to all of how important a quarterback is to a team.

However important a quarterback is, he would be able to do next to nothing with giant defensive lineman in his face every play. This is where the offensive linemen come in. They are big, burly men with an unnatural ability to push people around. The offensive lineman’s main priorities are to protect the quarterback at all costs and to open up holes for the running back to run through. Good offensive linemen are a must for any offense that hopes to move the ball efficiently.

The workhorse for all offenses is the running back. He must put his heart into every play, whether he is carrying the ball, running a pass route, or pass blocking for the quarterback. A good running back is deadly. He will get nearly 30 carries a game and account for a great chunk of the offense’s...
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