Division Analysis Paragraph (Milwaukee Brewers)

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Jason Van Beek
March 21, 2011
Paragraphs Assignment

Description/Illustration Paragraph:
My childhood was fueled by my addiction for collecting baseball cards.  Starting at age 6, I kept my room clean, did the dishes, and looked for any other chore to earn the money I needed to buy another pack of cards.  I couldn't wait to tear the pack open! The crisp paper pack, the smell of bubble gum, and the thrill of maybe getting the rookie card that I had long been yearning for.  By age 10, I had whole sets of cards, and I began trading off my doubles with friends to complete other sets I was collecting.  As I entered my teenage years, my entrepreneurial skills had kicked in, and I began buying and selling at trade shows.  The bright lights, the aroma of stadium food, and all the amazing cards from great players of the past had my blood boiling over with excitement!   I was sure that I would do this forever.  

Division Analysis Paragraph:
To truly understand why a small market baseball team like The Milwaukee Brewers is so successful, we have to look at all facets of the organization.  The organization starts with ownership.  In 2005, Mark Attanasio, a successful businessman, purchased the Brewers from Bud Selig.  In Attanasio's first season, the Brewers finished with a record of 81-81, this was the first season in 15 years that the club didn't finish below .500.  Next is the general manager Doug Melvin, who had been with the club since 2002, but had a very limited budget when it came to keeping his good talent, and being able to go after key free agents to help the club.  Melvin had been developing a good farm system of talent through the draft, and with Attanasio's larger pocket book, was able to pay for key free agents to play alongside his new and developing talent.  From 2005 to the present, the club has played at or near .500 baseball, and in 2008 made the playoffs for the first time since 1982.  Also to the clubs credit, they have a Hall of Fame radio...
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