Divine Wind: Hart and Mitsy

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Japan Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: November 11, 2010
The Divine Wind
Explain the meaning of the title. Refer to the plot and characters of the novel. Literally the words “Divine Wind” can be translated as “Kamikaze” in Japanese. The title refers to the very end of the book, where Japanese troops attacked the Australian coast. This bombing was very brutal and dozens of corpses lay in the ocean. In general the title can be connected to the relationships in the book. The Australian protagonist is In love with a Japanese girl, called Mitsy, who lives in Australia. As well as the relationship, the development of Hart, the round character in the novel, is not standard. After an accident at the ocean he could not walk anymore and wouldn´t live his normal live. His father experienced at first a great loss because of his wife, who left the family, but later he was determined with his bad perspectives of a loss of life. Maybe “Divine Wind” refers especially to the protagonists ‘life, which was like a wind and had many ups and downs. Characterize “Hart”

In the novel “The Divine Wind” the life of a boy named Hart is described. Hartley Penrose is a Australian citizen. He lives in Broome, in the north-west of Australia and had a sister named Alice, who was one year younger than Hartley. He lived in an ordinary house with his father and mother, until his mother Ida Penrose left them to go back to England. He spent very much time with his sister Alice and her best friend Mitsy, a Japanese girl. And from the very beginning till the end he was in love with her. His friends called him Hart and he worked with his father at the seaside. After he left school in 1988 he found a new friend called Jamie Killan, when Hart was seventeen. In the novel he said about him that “in almost everything you could name, Jamie was better than me … We are also opposites.” Hartley also described himself as a dreamer. His outer appearance is explained as tall, graceful and lazy and his hair flopped over his eyes. The whole novel is determined by the...
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