Divided Thesis Essay

Topics: High school, Family, College Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 15, 2013
This year for school I have some goals that I would like to accomplish. As I am coming along to be a senior I have high expectations for myself. My three main goals for myself are to be on high honor roll, to be on varsity volleyball with a better attitude, and lastly be the first in my family in three generations to graduate from high school.

Being on high honor roll for me would be really great because I have been on honor roll all my life but I have only been on high honor roll two or three times. With me only going to four classes it should not be to difficult to acquire a four point grade point average. I am capable of doing this but it is going to take work and in order for me to get some scholarships and financial aid for college I need those good grades.

The second goal I would like to accomplish is playing varsity volleyball with a better attitude. I go to Jefferson High School and we do not have the best athletic programs so I get frustrated easily with how things are ran and how my school deals with problems. Having a better attitude about playing on a team with girls that I love should be better than moping about loosing every game. After you loose three games you get down on yourself and it would make it a lot better for the team to stay positive.

The last goal for my senior year is to graduate. If I graduate I will be the first one from my mom and dad to my great grandmother and grandfather to graduate high school. Yes I have had uncles graduate but I am the fourth generation and I need to graduate not only for my family but for me to go to college and further my education and better my life. Since I am the first to graduate in so many years I have a lot of responsibilities to under go during this year.

These are goals that I should be able to accomplish and they are going to be done for me and my family to better my future and provide me with good options in life.
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