Divide Conquer Worksheet Hist-208 Answers

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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HIST-208 / AMERICAN HISTORY SINCE 1865 Spring 2013 / Professor Brock


1. 2.

Frank Capra produced Divide and Conquer for The __WAR___ Department. This film deals with the period when the Nazi __BLITZKRIEG_____ reached its __HIGHEST___ point, and Nazi ___TREACHERY_____ reached its ___LOWEST___point.

3. 4. 5.

On Sept.1, 1939, German armies, without warning, blitzed into what country? ____POLAND____________ On Sept. 3, 1939 which two countries declared war on Germany? __FRANCE___ & ___BRITAIN_______ On Sep. 27, 1939, the Germans wiped out the country ___POLAND____ only to meet the army of what nation next? __RUSSIA_____


To avoid a _TWO-PRONGED WAR__ the Germans halted their drive east and instead turned west to crush the two nations __BRITAIN___ and __FRANCE__.


Though the Germans had battle experience in Spain and Poland, the British had what weapon ready for war? ___ROYAL NAVY____________


Britain stationed troops at Suez (canal), Gibraltar, the English Channel, and in the North Sea to ____BLOCKADE___ Germany.


Between Britain and Germany stood Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These nations were on which side? __NEUTRAL______

10. Hitler used the ___PROPAGANDA________ barrage to appeal to those nations. 11. Why was Norway particularly targeted for invasion? ___U-BOAT BASES & VITAL AIR BASES_________ 12. On April 9, 1940 Germany took over which nation? ___DENMARK______________________ 13. What was in German merchant vessels docked in Norway’s harbors? __WEAPONS____________________ 14. The Norwegian traitor was Major __QUISLING___________________________. 15. The Norwegians had hoped to avoid war by ___COMPROMISING________ and not joining the Allies. 16. The world marveled at Hitler’s efficiency, much as it marveled at Gangster ___DILLINGER’S____ efficiency. 17. To encircle Britain after taking Norway, Hitler needed to take what country after Norway? __FRANCE______ 18. The...
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