Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana

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  • Published : September 12, 2011
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1. Narrator
• - from the beginning, he showed no interest about the issue • - he keeps on sitting on his lounging chair which suggest that he don't • want to involve him to any conversation as what was observable • at the start of story

*low educational attainment
• - he used an old paper for his formal letter instead of clean and new one. • he tore the paper half when he found out that his note just occupied • half of the paper. He didn't put any date nor sign his name. he showed • unpleasant attitude and not respectful manners.

•Upon the confrontation of two men, he shouted at him which noted that he lacked of good manners. •He had had most probably a low-income job which reflected that he attained a low educational background only. •

*low social rank
• - on the story, it stated that his clothes were wet and soggy. Going through • logical analysis, only those people who have job that requires extensive •muscular effort could make their clothes wet and soggy. He might be a construction worker or farmer or anything that requires much manpower. •-also stated when he got home, he was very tired. It means that he have gone a very hard work as associated In the first explanation. •

•-despite the fact that the person standing on his porch was his adversary, he still managed to invite that person to enter his house. •

*Easy to be influence
•-He was forced to do something whenever his wife one. Just like when his wife almost went out to confront their neighbors, he decided to write a note instead. •-The music made him relax and the same time missed her wife's arguments. But when the music stopped, he came back to the reality. 2. Belle

-She forced her husband to act regarding on the issue as soon as possible. -When her husband about to play a range disc for music, she suddenly snapped the player shut. That behavior directly to describing aggressiveness. -She said denunciatory words against their neighbors. She said, "unkind, inconsiderate, not neighborly and not nice". -It showed in the latter part of the story when she summoned her own fury and then it consumed her and shouted their neighbor.

-She acted beyond normal about the setting of line for a fence-to-be. In a very first place, building a fence it's not a big deal. -She was "crying out loud" trying to convince his husband to stop building the adobe blocks. *Alpha female

-She ruled over her husband. She can control her husband by just showing dominant feelings. She put her husband into a conversation which her husband was not interested of her role. 3. Mathematician

-During the confrontation of two men, he remained calm despite of raising tension of their arguments. He did not let his emotion take over his actions. *High Educational Attainment
-His behavior is pure and define not harsh. This tantamount not he has a good manners thus, aware educated person. -He was believed doctor of mathematics. This proves he had already finished college and even got his masteral degree. *High social rank

-Since he had finished college, this yields to higher social rank. -He had his own car which reflect that he belong to higher society than of their neighbors. -He even to afford lot of adobe bricks which may cost him thousands. *Friendly

-He still considered the concept of respect although his adversary did not. -He gave Belle flowers and helped her in finding cottage.
4. Spouse of Mathematician
-She wear very short shorts while puttering of her flower garden knowing that her male neighbors could notice her. *Snobby
-This showed when Belle gave her cheese and she gave her back a blank face. 5. Nata
-Probably child of the narrator and Belle.
- The one who deliver the note to their neighbors.

Belle started it all. She opened the issue of setting down a line of adobe blocks. Her husband agreed upon on her and stood at the window. He was changing his wet clothes...
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