Divide by Analysis

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Chapter 9 Analysis by Division
Writing Analysis by Division
If you need to explain how something works or exists as a unit, you will write an analysis by division. You will break down a unit (your subject) into its parts and explain how each part functions in relation to the operation or existence of the whole. The most important word here is unit. You begin with something that can stand alone or can be regarded separately. The following procedure will guide you in writing an analysis by division: Move from subject to principle, to division, to relationship.

Step 1. Begin with something that is a unit (subject).
Step 2. State one principle by which the unit can function.
Step 3. Divide the unit into parts according to that principle. Step 4. Discuss each of the parts in relation to the unit.
In an essay of analysis by division, the main parts are likely to be the main points of your outline or main extensions of your cluster. If they are anything else, reconsider your organization.. Sequence of Parts

The order in which you discuss the parts will vary according to the nature of the unit and the way in which you view it. * Time: the sequence of the parts in your paragraph or essay can be mainly chronological, or time-based (if you are dealing with something that functions on its own, such as a heart, with the parts presented in relation to stages of the function.) * Speace: If your unit is a visual object, especially if, like a pencil, it does nothing by itself, you may discuss the parts in the relation to speace. * Emphasis: Because the most emphatic location of any piece of writing is the end( the second most emphatic point is the beginning), consider placing the most signigicant part of the unit at the end. Two Uses of Analysis by Division

From the wide range of uses of analysis by division mentioned in the introduction, two are featured in the chapter: the restaurant review and the short story review.

Restaurant Review....
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