Diversity Training

Topics: Employment, Culture, Cultural diversity Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Diversity training is very important in today’s workplace. According to ehow.com diversity training provides participants with awareness, knowledge, and skill to manage differences between people that exist in the workplace. Diversity includes differences in culture, ethnicity, sexual preference and religion. Diversity training demonstrates to employees that the company takes cultural sensitivity very seriously and is striving for equal treatment. There are several ways in which diversity training would benefit a company and ways that diversity can be encouraged at the workplace. According to a Work & Family Balance manual it is important for employers to recognize the cultural diversity of its employees. Allowing employees to have vacation time or leave for cultural events will attract talented people with a variety of cultural backgrounds (Department of Innovation, 2007, p. 29). The purpose of diversity training is to help an organization understand that employees from a diverse range of cultures have different practices and customs. Diversity training will have a positive impact on the employees work and family life. This is due the fact that the employee will be able to meet work obligations and family responsibilities. Employees will also have a high morale because they are able work efficiently. According to ehow.com diversity training can be broken into three categories. These types include, awareness, skills training and integrated training. The best approach to diversity training includes all three categories. Awareness training is aimed at increasing awareness of diversity related issues such as stereotypes and increasing sensitivity regarding diversity. Skills training focus on changing behavior and teaching employees how to respond to differences of culture. The third type of diversity training is where diversity training is integrated in to existing training programs. Implementing these three types of diversity training will have a positive...
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