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Diversity Symposium

By | November 2012
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This evening, I went to the 2012 Diversity Symposium. The speaker was Sherman Alexie, speaking of “access, attainment, and responsibility.” His entire speech was hilarious, and I wish I had known of him before he had come here to speak. He was greatly appreciated by the rest of the audience. So many people showed up, that the theater of the LSC was full. They thought ahead and had a live showing of it in the East Ballroom, where not everyone had a seat and some were left standing. However, to see him speak I would have done the same. He had a way with his words when talking to us; he didn’t make it seem weird that he was talking about his poor Indian background and growing up almost vegetarian, but not by choice. Every word coming out of his mouth was articulated in an easy going manner, and the stage seemed almost like his preferred seat in the house.

Stating he was an Indian and a catholic, Sherman cracked jokes about Indians the whole hour. He even told a ten minute long story past down from Indian to Indian, about one Indian’s penis. I’m sorry if this is too vulgar to speak of in this essay, but he spoke of it in front of almost three hundred (plus) people. Supposedly, the man stuck his penis in everything and the penis was getting tired of it. The penis then said he would leave if he did it again, and the man stuck it in a tree one more time. The penis ran off and after days of looking for each other they were back together again. The point of the story was that he would from then on only stick his penis is things that he loves, like other human beings. The story was about morality, and basically the whole of the conservative republican background.

Though his stories may have been odd, and I may never have heard of him before, Sherman taught me a lot this evening. He taught me not to take life too seriously. He grew up a poor Indian boy, but he got away and made a life for himself. It was inspiring to see him doing so well and enjoying his...

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