Diversity, Pluralism, and Racism in the Workplace

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Diversity, Pluralism, and Racism in the Workplace:

The Managerial Responsibility


Professor Spangenburg
February 27, 2008

Diversity, Pluralism, and Racism in the Workplace:

The Managerial Responsibility
Many accept the position that today’s leaders and managers are far more attuned to the cultural sensitivities that exist in the workplace that they were just 20 years ago. It’s even sufficed to say that today’s managers are considerably more aware that cultural sensitivities are a potential issue requiring their attention than in the past. In a world where global barriers have all but disappeared, cross-cultural skills are no longer regarded nicety. The managers of today’s workforce must learn to be sensitive to the multitude of cultures with which they interact, and influence their team members to do likewise. Leaders and managers must learn to nurture attitudes of acceptance and inclusion for all, and facilitate this inclusion in all areas of their organization. In short, managers must forwardly acknowledge that differences exist, and take proactive steps in developing a truly pluralistic workplace. It is often said that, “people are our most valuable resource” in an organization. In fact, there is no shortage of organizations who take liberty in tossing this phase around as their official position on how they value their employees. It’s clear that organizations realize that our society is no longer comprised of the homogenous groups largely present in the early 1900s. Our workforce now encompasses a multifarious group of individuals, each with different cultural perspectives and viewpoints. The most successful organizations have developed an active cultural awareness of this and quickly realized that these diverse viewpoints must be captured and leveraged in order for them to remain competitive. Getting and retaining the very best employees from this diverse workforce pool,...
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