Diversity Plan

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Task1 Why should a need for a diversity plan exist in all workplaces?

To ensure all cultural and linguistic groups have the same level of access to services and receive the same quality of services. Because of in workplace there are many people come from in a different places , which , there are different background , culture , lifestyle , customer , religion etc.

Apparently , If there are more people will be more problems ,due to misunderstanding ,conflict , fighting in a workplace.

At the workplace need staffs to work for operate company and there are many different part of social and also have different kind of background with their unique skill or ability and come to work together . Then from their different can read to a conflict because of different thinking is can be make a bigger problem and all staffs can not work together. That why we need diversity plan and also everyone have to follow.

To sum up, Diversity plan in workplace is really important and have a lot of influence for successful in organization. It can join all staff together to be one team and go to the same goal together.

Good Relationships are powerful and trusting relationships are the glue that hold people together as they work on a common problem. They can come together and solve problems that we have in common.

Example , Some cultures people feel uncomfortable with silence. When some people don’t share their thinking , we are all lose out. We all need the options and voices of those people who have traditionally been discouraged from contributing.

Task2 Specify the key objectives of a work place diversity plan

Diversity plan for Hilton Hotel.

1. Purpose

Apparently, In every workplace, there are many people, which, come from different culture ,background, religion etc.

It is for this reason that ‘Hilton Hotel’ have to make a Diversity plan for

1.Harmony between staff in the workplace.

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