Diversity Paper

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  • Published : May 9, 2006
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Diversity paper
Monica Camargo
Valerie Garcia
Sandra Olvera
Erin Naomi Owens
Jaime Ramirez
University of Phoenix
MGT/331 Organizational Behavior
Terry Muniz
April 20, 2006
The diversity of any organization can affect the way people operate in any business. Some ways that the company can be affected is by its employees ethnicity, gender, age, and socioeconomics. All of this four issues of diversity have a great impact on the organization that it is going to be explained in how they can affect an organization.

Diversity Paper
The diversity of any organization can affect the way people operate within a business. Some ways that a company would be affected by diversity are the ethnicity of a group, the difference in gender aspects, the age of employees working in the company and the socioeconomics that affect the employees working in the company. All of these have an impact of the company in the areas that the employees work in and how they react to one another. Ethnicity:

What is Ethnicity? Ethnicity is a group of people differentiated from the rest of the community by racial origins or cultural background. (Oxford Dictionary, 1989). In every organization, ethnicity is very common. Every organization has different groups of people working for them especially if the organization is a large company that provides services around the world. Ethnicity can divide into different groups with different cultural background. For example, Hispanics can be considered one race, but the Hispanics have different cultural backgrounds. The Hispanics or the Latinos can be in the same group but different background. There are people from the South America, Central America and North America. Every part of America has their beliefs and values when it comes to their background and their race. All organizations should not discriminate any employee because of the ethnic group. If they do, the organization will be subject to a law-suit. Gender:

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