Diversity Paper

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Ethnic group Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: November 10, 2007
Diversity is a very important part in today's workforce. There are several diversity and demographic characteristics that make up diversity. This paper is going to deal with a few of those characteristics. The characteristics that will be discussed are ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and occupation. This paper is going to take these characteristics and examine the impact of each on individual behavior. The first look will be into the impact on individual behavior that ethnicity brings to the workforce. Let's first look at the definition of ethnicity. Ethnicity is a population whose members identify with one another by genealogy or ancestry. They have common factors like culture, language, religion or physical traits. Individual behavior is formed by ethnicity. Each individual brings to the workforce their culture which includes the language spoken in that culture. Many older people in cultures that come to the United States will refuse to learn English or have it spoken in their home which makes it harder for the children to learn English because they do not have the ability to practice it outside of school. Religion is another aspect of ethnicity but is discussed later as an individual impact on behavior. Even though physical traits are part of ethnicity I am not sure that it has a direct impact on individual behavior.

Even the most modern countries still struggle with gender equality. The United States has made huge advances since the forties and fifties when women were encouraged to stay at home and be good little homemakers; barefoot and pregnant. Today's workplace is filled with men and women doing equal jobs, however the equality stops in the job done. Women still struggle to attain equal pay for equal performance. Other modern countries carry similar standards to those of the U.S. yet some, perhaps archaic countries, still deal with the pre-historic standards of yesterday. Women are treated like possessions instead of the...
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