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OXFAM Kenilworth (F2313)
Diversity Plan

According to the 2001 census Kenilworth has a population of just over 30,000 people, of which forty nine per cent were male and fifty one per cent female. Ninety seven per cent of the population is white with no other ethnic group registering above 0.7%. Over three quarters of the residents class themselves Christian followed by “no religion”. Job prospects in the area are good with very low levels of unemployment and the town boasts one of the highest proportions of degree educated people in the country, at thirty two per cent. Sixteen per cent of people declare that they have a long term illness or disability. Over forty per cent of residents are aged between 30 and 59 followed by the over 60s (twenty per cent). Poverty levels are some of the lowest in the country. Over eighty per cent of people own their own homes, well above the national average of around thirty per cent, and residents have a higher than average affluence rating.

The above statistics are now over ten years old however, the 2011 census results are not expected to be very different.

The shop mirrors the diversity within the local community with a few exceptions. Almost two thirds of the team are female and over fifty per cent are sixty or over. In addition almost a third of the team have a disability or long term illness.

Whilst Kenilworth itself does not have a very diverse make up, the town lies between Coventry and Leamington Spa. Both of these towns have far greater levels of diversity. Supporters of our shop come from both of these areas and we would like to greater reflect this diversity.

The following plan outlines how we intend to increase diversity and inclusion within the Oxfam Kenilworth volunteer team.

* Share final plan with team at next meeting.
* SM to have a diversity related objective in their 2013/14 objectives. * SM to attend the Recruiting and Selecting a Diverse Workforce course by end of end...
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